We minimize losses

We minimize losses

We transcribe from Agricoltura News

ridurre al minimo le perdite nell’ambiente durante i trattamenti antiparassitari…In the end, it is considerably improved the know capacity of the Martignani electrostatic low and very low volume to guarantee effective treatments with saving: water up to 90%, time – manpower up to 70%, active principles up to 45-50% and with chemical-free harvests multi-documented, obtainable thanks to active principles reduced doses and to the exceptional uniformity of the microdroplets coverage, which, charged with the same sign while attracted to the crops that are charged with the opposite sign, repel each other avoiding any form of overlapping or irregular accumulation. Therefore: an even more efficient crop protection, cheaper, more environmentally friendly, and respectful of treatment operators and agri-food consumers’ health.

To read the whole article (in Italian): ridurre al minimo le perdite nell’ambiente durante i trattamenti antiparassitari

nebulizzatore pneumatico B.612 “Duo Wing Jet” Electrostatic dotato di schermi pressurizzati

For more information: Agricultural Mist Blower“Duo Wing Jet”

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