The Variable Volume Spraying For The Biodynamic Agriculture

The Variable Volume Spraying For The Biodynamic Agriculture

Tenuta Mara chose the Quality and Efficiency of the Variable Volume Spraying

Today we are in the hilltop village of S. Clemente, in the North of Italy, not far from Ravenna, on the Adriatic Coast, near Rimini too, with Dr. Leonardo Pironi, the manager of the gorgeous Tenuta Mara: 7 hectares of Vineyard exposed to the gentle sun of Romagna, dedicated to a great Italian wine variety, the Sangiovese.

Tenuta MaraThe story of Tenuta Mara began with the desire of Giordano Emendatori, its founding member, to fulfil his great passion for wine, devoting himself to the planning and realization of an estate (naming it after his wife Mara), where vines grow accompanied by the melodies of string and wind- instruments, flowing in the air, embracing the plants that flourish rocked by the harmony of the classical music and the absolute peace.

This introduction is essential to understand the decisions of Dr. Pironi , who, by virtue of the respect he feels toward this genuine natural oasis, to take care of it, opted for an innovative technology (in biodynamic sphere), striving to the preservation of the operator’s health and to the environment protection, which are nowadays two very important issues.

We’re talking about a perfect ecosystem, which has been built with great skill over the years, where the health of Vineyard is the top priority. Tenuta Mara
In fact, the estate embraced the Biodynamic Agriculture, which does not contemplate chemical products or corrective wines; not only green manure, but especially the biodiversity protection and preservation are the “must” of this farm.

The Martignani machines are particularly suitable to treat this area; Dr. Pironi, in fact, after having learnt about our Pneumatic Sprayers through some agronomists consulting, bought a B-612 Shuttle – 600 L in 2012, observing during these 4 years a considerable time, water, product and manpower saving.

Furthermore, Dr. Leonardo highlights the importance of counting on a machine, able to work perfectly on alternate rows (Note: Doing green manure, you have to pass through the same rows) in a very effective way even during rainy years, such as 2013-2014: thanks to the considerable time saving, he could carry the harvest out, proceeding with the production of MaraMia, a red wine nourished with quality and art, the result of care and attention of the wine growers, who assist and help it to become a unique wine.

Tenuta MaraThe choice of a Martignani pulled Sprayer to treat this precious biodynamic area, he reports us, is no coincidence: the variable volume spraying, in fact, proved to be adequate and functioning in biological agriculture, through the perfect and uniform nebulisation of any liquid or normal mixture of natural products (classic Bordeaux mixture) , biological and microbiological (such as Bacillus Thuringiensis), polysulphides “Polisenio” in original liquid form, with the addition of a low volume dilution water, “Diatomee” powders in liquid suspension, etc…

He has never noticed clogging problems or nozzles wear and all treatments have always been satisfying: he has always been obtaining very healthy grapes, free from residues, perfectly up to MaraMia, a red wine result of care in any production phase.

We spent a very pleasant day with the staff of Tenuta Mara, guided during this “Vineyard Experience” by the gentle Dr. Leonardo, thanks to whom we had the opportunity to see the satisfaction of our customers with our own eyes, one more time.
This is a source of pride for Martignani and at the same time it represents a challenge for a continuous and constant growth, in the variable volume spraying sphere, up with the times and in line with the needs of farmers.

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