The VALGIANO estate – Lucca – Tuscany – Italy

tenuta valgiano

The VALGIANO estate – Lucca – Tuscany – Italy

Today we engage in a pleasant conversation with Dr. Saverio Petrilli of the Valgiano estate who tells us we find ourselves on land composed of Alberese limestone rock originating from the sliding of rocky masses provoked by the rise of the Apennine chain.

Upstream, the woods extend up to 900m above sea level on the Pizzorne sandstone rock. Upstream is the vast plain of Capannori.

We tread the Tuscan land and find ourselves at number 7 di Valgiano street in Valgiano, in the district of Lucca.

Dr. Petrilli tells us that the first meeting with Martignani company was favored in 1997 from the purchase of a used Martignani Mist Blower of the Whirlwind B612 600 l trailer version.

Since then, other meetings have taken place leading the Valgiano estate to equip itself, in the following years, with both a trailer and 3P Mounted model.

The Valgiano estate is an organic farm which adopts biodynamic agricultural systems.

Its vineyards lie on a terrace of pebbles and clay in Alberese. The Sangiovese is preferably cultivated along the crest of Alberese due to the soil which allows it to maintain aromaticity as well as a good structure. On the clayey surface Merlot is cultivated due to its ability to maintain delicacy and elegance even on clay; and, on the sandy pebbles of sandstone, only Syrah can give structure as well as fragrance.

All the treatments are carried out on alternate rows (every two rows) and state volumes/ha, during the season, from 100 to 200 l/ha for both fungicide and insecticide treatments.

The entire vineyard surface is covered in about 2 days utilizing both the Mist Blowers, considering that the vineyards are divided into several distant plots and in some cases with considerable slopes.

The Martignani Mist Blowers lend themselves very well to the treatments of the plant as it is indispensable to offer an excellent coverage of the vegetation even in the periods of highest growth in order to guarantee the maximum efficiency of the operation.

Dr. Petrilli tells us lastly that amongst the numerous advantages noted in the last 10 years of use, besides minimal maintenance and assistance, it was possible to ascertain great affordability even during years of adverse weather conditions, thus arriving at harvest with a healthy product, without disease and residual chemicals.

We, ourselves add the fact that we have found traces of the Valgiano Estate in several virtual places, and not only on paper.

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  • The Global Encyclopedia of Wine, Updated Edition (includes CD-ROM) by Peter Forrestal (Hardcover – Oct 15, 2001)
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  • Wine Encyclopedia by Catherine Fallis, James Lawther, Maureen Ashley, and Patrick Farrell (Paperback – Oct 2002)

As for the Internet, only the search engine Google certifies and lists the presence of 10,400 pages of its index which deal with the Valgiano estate.

It gives us pleasure to end this brief article with the Valgiano estate’s 2003 chart, taken from an online site, which is a final explanatory summary.

Vine: Sangiovese 60%, Syrah 20%, Merlot 20%
Denomination: Tenuta di Valgiano
Colour: red
Fragrance: gives an elegant and fine aroma to the nose. Fragrant aromas of mature fruit, hints of spice and minerals and an Intense and persistent bouquet.

Taste: a catchy taste on the palate combined with a pleasant fruity sweetness. The structure develops with a deep texture of soft, mature tannins which ensure the duration of a delicious and pleasurable aftertaste.

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