The Martignani Electrostatic Sprayers against the Brown Spot of pear

The Martignani Electrostatic Sprayers against the Brown Spot of pear

Since Martignani was founded, one of its main objectives is to protect crops with the utmost respect for operators and for the environment. In fact, already in the 60s, the Engineer Claudio Martignani, founder of the company, stated that a Martignani Low Volume Mist Sprayer was “the most effective method to reconcile two irrepressible needs of the modern world: the use of chemical pesticides to save the fruits of the earth, and the need to avoid contaminating man and his environment“.

With this mantra that has always gone with us, Martignani innovates itself ever more to ensure that all electrostatic sprayers are the ideal ally against all kinds of threats to the different crops. As a matter of fact, today the company is a worldwide leader in the field and Martignani electrostatic charge sprayers are used not only by some of the largest and most prestigious multinational companies in the agricultural sector, but also by farmers with a few hectares concerned about the health of their crops.

Growing concerns about the Brown Spot of pears

In the Romagna region (in the North Eastern Po Valley), the concern for the damage caused by the Brown Spot is increasingly present among pear growers.

One of the varieties affected the most by this disease, caused by a fungus (Stemphylium vesicarium), is Abbot Fetel, and the main weapon to combat it are fungicides. However, it is always good to have some precautions such as:

– Adoption of large planting areas

– Balanced pruning

– Avoid overhead irrigation

– Collection of diseased fruits that have fallen to the ground

To combat the Brown Spot of pears it is important to act preventively blocking the germination of spores.

As far as available chemical or fungicides are concerned, we can find many of them: from copper salts, to dithiocarbamates or tebuconazole. However, we at Martignani take care of how to treat crops with these products.

In fact, Martignani electrostatic charge sprayers guarantee not only the saving of 40 % of chemical products, but also a precise, homogeneous and uniform coverage in all parts of the vegetation, even in the most hidden parts.

The organic alternative to combat the Brown Spot of pear

The Ecoter organic farm, in Sant’Alberto in Ravenna (Romagna Region), uses the Martignani Whirlwind M612 Turbo 2  Electrostatic Sprayer with a specific lower diffuser (named Gib-Dor) to combat the Brown Spot. Twice a year, in spring and autumn, ground interventions are carried out, based on lactic ferments and other herbs.

With this innovative and BIOLOGICAL system, they distribute lactobacilli, which are also effective in treatments against apple scab and in peach trees, as well as for treatments against monilia, as these living microorganisms fight and destroy fungus.

One of Ecoter’s managers, Mr. Fabiano Cornacchia, explains that one of the main advantages of using the Martignani Electrostatic Sprayers for this type of treatment is the low pressure. “It would not be possible to use a conventional sprayer to perform these BIOLOGICAL treatments, because the high pressure would cause the mortality of the microorganisms we use to combat the Brown Spot fungus”. Cornacchia also states  that “Martignani Electrostatic Sprayers by means of the specific Gib-Dor diffuser distribute the product very well in the ground and then, this product penetrates more and more thanks to humidity and air, too. For us it is a very effective, non-aggressive technique, and we are very satisfied.”

As a matter of fact, the Ecoter Farm has 4 Martignani sprayers because “they are machines that amazed me, both for their simplicity in use and maintenance, and for their precise and uniform coverage“.

Watch the video of the treatment