The “Le Lareinty Sa, Gaigneron” Le Lamentin – Martinica (FR) Agricultural Estate

The “Le Lareinty Sa, Gaigneron” Le Lamentin – Martinica (FR) Agricultural Estate

We are at 14° 40′ north of the Equator and 61° west of the Greenwich Meridian in the islands of the Caribbean, more precisely we are at the Lesser Antilles or Windward Islands; to the east we have the Atlantic Ocean and to the west the Caribbean Sea.
To be even more specific, we are located in the centre of Martinique in one of the most important municipalities (6232 km²) called “Le Lamentin” which sees its origins in the XVII century and which owes its name to the manatees (aquatic mammals), ancient inhabitants of its coasts.
Le Lamentin is also important because it hosts the international airport and is the heart of the island’s economy.

Today we are talking to Mr. Gilles Monchicourt, who is the technical director of the “Le Lareinty Sa, Gaigneron” agricultural estate which is in fact located at Le Lamentin and which extends over a surface of
400 hectares of bananas
580 hectares of sugar cane
15 hectares of fodder crops
5 hectares of orchards.

Mr. Gilles Monchicourt tells us that he learnt about the Martignani Low Volume Mist-Blowers through the press and surfing the net.

At present, they are using a “Martignani M819 Master” (PTO) Pneumatic Mist-Blower with raised cannon equipment, purchased on 20th July 2010, to treat their large cultivation of bananas.


This machine is specially recommended for the following crops, where huge spray distances are required:

  • Field crops
  • Tropical crops: Bananas, Pineapple, Oil Palm Trees, etc.
  • High trees

It is also successfully used for the control of plant diseases, such as Black Sigatoka (caused by the fungus Mycospharella Fijensis) – which is very aggressive for banana plantations – distributing, with a series of intervals up to 50 m for each passage, a mixture of fungicides and emulsion oils with only 50-60 litres/hectare and more specifically to treat all those areas where the usual treatments using planes are prohibited for the environmental impact.

We have dreamt, seeing ourselves lying on a Caribbean beach, having a pleasant conversation with Mr. Monchicourt, but the dialogue ends here and we return with our feet firmly on the ground, increasing awareness about the role of Martignani in agricultural world: it offers not only smart solutions for the modern farming, but also plant & crops care and protection.


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