The Agricola Las Marias S.A.C. in Lima Peru

The Agricola Las Marias S.A.C. in Lima Peru

Not so long ago, Martignani visited Agricola Las Marias S.A.C (, whose headquarters are in Lima (Peru) South America, exactly at No. 474 of Via Benavides in the Miraflores District. Known for its shopping areas, gardens, flower-filled parks and its beaches, this is one of the most luxury neighbourhoods in the City.

Established in 1896 in the wine industry under the name of Bodegas Tabernero, in the cotton business since the 1930’s and as farmers since the 1940’s, the family group, owner of Agrícola Las Marías, has been in the agriculture-related business for over 100 years.

Eng. Rotondo received us and explained that Las Marías is the fresh fruit commercial branch of this agriculture-related group, which has fruit production areas (800 hetares | 2000 acres) located in the valleys of Chepen, Cañete and Chincha. These locations enable them to expand their production windows for growning citrus, avocados and grapes.
They are partial owner packing house. By growing, harvesting, packing and exporting its own fruits, Las Marías is able to ensure that products of the highest quality are being offered to customers worldwide.

Eng. Rotondo told us that he learnt about the Martignani Electrostatic Mist-Blowers through information received from some South Americans agronomists, who already had years of experience and confidence in using Martignani Low Volume Technology in Argentina and Uruguay.
They bought their first machine in 2003 and their company currently uses two towed PDF Whirlwind B612 Turbo 2 1500-L capacity mist blowers

The main advantages in using the Martignani Spayers, compared to conventional methodology used previously in the company are:


Time savings: 50%
Labour savings: 70%
Water savings (litres/ha): 30%
Chemical product savings: 30%

Very impressive.


It was a pleasure to meet our Agricola Las Marias S.A.C friends, truly competent and well-prepared.

We’re very proud to have made our own contribution in their development and continuous improvement intent.

Hasta luego…