Terra è Vita: With this new mist blower Air becomes a protective barrier

Terra è Vita: With this new mist blower Air becomes a protective barrier

With immense pleasure we want to congratulate Stefania Casagranda, a journalist for the magazine “Terra è Vita” for the way in which she summarized and reported the information received even from our Melchiorre Martignani, related to the way our new agricultural mist blower M 612 Multi-Flow “Südtirol 2015” works.

Citing some passages of the article…

Starting with a “basic idea, arising from an original intuition of the founder Claudio Martignani, which was to consider the air not as an enemy but an ally, and studying a way to use it – as needed – not only as a means to dust and transport the liquid for the treatment, but also as a protective barrier for the buffer zones.”

“We sat down at a table to listen to the requests of these producers who are obliged, near residential buildings or sensitive environments like roads, watercourses, etc., to close the air flow or both the liquid and air flow of the sprayers equipped with fans. Closing the air flow for us is not possible, since we use a modern and unconventional pneumatic dusting system, so we tried to find an alternative solution but just as effective.”

To read the whole article (in Italian): https://www.electrostaticspraysystem.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=9884&action=edit&lang=en

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