Tenuta della Luia – Passion and tradition, their singular essence

Tenuta della Luia – Passion and tradition, their singular essence

The sweet land of Tuscany welcomes us and wraps us once again among its sweet “arms/hills”.

We find ourselves in Luia – frazione di Certaldo via Trento, n.32 at “Tenuta della Luia”, as guests of the Gori family, owners of the estate. We are currently in the company of Gianni Gori, technical manager of the company as well as excellent host who, together with other family members, has been able to look after and accompany the history and really improve the crops belonging to the places where they live, contributing greatly to maintaining Tuscany and Italy in the first places in the world in these areas.

An extract from the website: http://www.tenutadellaluia.com.
“ On the gentle hills of Valdelsa, located halfway between Florence and Siena in the territory of Certaldo Municipality, the homeland of Giovanni Boccaccio, Tenuta della Luia’s origins date back to the distant 1963 when it was bought by Nel Gori it being one with the homonymous locality (LUIA frazione di CERTALDO). The property, even back then, comprised an elegant villa, a vineyard, and an olive grove and a wine cellar.
In the more recent 1998, with the advent of the third generation, Gianni and Duccio Gori, with the supervision of their father, Alessandro, and given the great productive potential of the land of the property, it was inevitable to dedicate part of the production to a quality level more appropriate to the new needs of the market. Their passion, attachment to the land and to the property were the very basis for an important project of revaluation and strengthening of the family business. In fact, the Villa is restored and brought to its former splendor, and the vineyards are renewed.”

Gianni Gori tells us that the total extension of the farm is 50 ha, the vineyard occupies 30 ha while the olive grove 10 ha.

They became aware of Martignani’s machines and technology thanks to the guidance of agricultural consultants and horticulturists, by browsing the website of Martignani srl, social networks, and sector forums.

Currently, Tenuta della Luia uses a Martignani pneumatic mist blower B612 purchased in January 2005.
The resulting savings achieved thanks to the use of the Martignani pneumatic mist blower can be condensed in the following information:

  • Time-saving: 50%;
  • Labor saving: 50%;
  • Water saving: 70%;
  • Chemical product saving: 15%.

At the end of this pleasant chat with Mr. Gori, he points out that:

Tenuta della Luia“Thanks to this device, the vineyards that used to be treated with 2 tractors, 2 atomizers and 2 people, now are treated with 1 tractor and the B612 of 1000 lt. model, all done in almost the same amount of time and saving a lot of water.
From 2005 we treat them with 100 lt./ha every other row and we have never found problems that may have made us change strategy even during farm years characterized by heavy rains.
Moreover, since the grapes are always excellent, we generally stop the treatments during the third week of July, with no more fungicide or other treatments.
The grapes remain in perfect condition until the harvest period.

Obviously, even my neighbors have healthy grapes, but who knows how much they have spent to obtain it that way and above all I have seen them, with my own eyes, treating with various pesticides and others even in August and September.

The electrostatic mist blower B612 is powerful and easy to use, as it allows you to easily vary the water flow according to the planting layout, but also reliable and built with excellent materials (galvanized metal, stainless steel bolts).

This year with this season characterized by bad environmental conditions a speed of 9,6 kmph may seem a little high, but for now, apart from some sporadic mildew instances in the lower and more humid areas, there are no problems so as to lower the speed.

After 7 years, we have ceased to quantify the savings, the only thing left to do is enjoy the excellent wine produced by the wonderful grapes treated with Martignani’s principle.
A healthier fruit not only requires less use of sulfites but also gives life to a more long-lived wine.”

What else?
Thanks to the Gori family who welcomed us with such sympathy and sincere whishes of maintaining and, why not, even improve the good stuff they already produce, maybe next time we meet it will be to treat the purchase of another Martignani pneumatic and electrostatic mist blower… 😉

Click on the following picture to watch a video of the Martignani electrostatic device test

Tenuta della Luia

Click on the following picture to watch a video of a working Martignani pneumatic and electrostatic mist blower

Tenuta della Luia

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