Sicily holds important lessons

Martignani nelle scuole di Bagheria

Sicily holds important lessons

Incontro Scuola Pirandello a Bagheria

The City descending towards the sea

The city descending towards the sea: Bagheria. Standing between the gulfs of Palermo and Termini Imerese, Bagheria is a Sicilian city standing up for its attention to biologic and environment, and its culture of sustainability that looks to the future, to agricultural resources and the protection of natural resources. In recent years, Bagheria has seen the increase of organic products market. 300,000 hectares and 9660 opertors dedicated to organic farming, in the city of Bagheria alone, which has little more than 54,000 inhabitants: these are the numbers of organic products in a land where attention to sustainability finds breeding ground right from elementary school.

Luigi Pirandello: three years for the Environment

It’s in Luigi Pirandello school, where the head teacher Paquale Mancuso invited Calogero La paglia to meet the students, that were closing the three-year project on the environment that involved the fifth classes.

Innovative solutions and cutting-edge technologies are the basis of an agriculture that does not only invest in the territory, but above all in the future. Organic farming is based on the non-use of chemical molecules, but also on careful compliance with increasingly restrictive regulations on doses of natural products (such as copper and sulfur). In this context, it is essential for quality agriculture, which adheres properly to the regulations, to minimize losses thanks to the effectiveness of the action of the Martignani nebulizers, which allow to significantly reduce the dose of crop protection products, allowing zero residues on the fruit.

During the meeting, the enthusiasm and interest of the young tomorrow consumers was rediscovered: attentive and demanding students who want to contribute together with their families to protect the environment and their health, investing in the purchase of quality products, and disclosing the technologies that allow to drastically reduce the quantity of dispersed products, on plants and on fruit whether they are chemical or natural.

The values, attention and commitment of young people give strenght to the same future that Martignani has been building for 60 years, based on intelligent solutions and cutting-edge technologies for more efficient, profitable and environmentally-friendly crop protection, for the health of agricultural operators, consumers and agri-food products, at the right price.

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