New Martignani Articulated Electrostatic Sprayer: Drive 6/90

New Martignani Articulated Electrostatic Sprayer: Drive 6/90

Martignani Srl  presents the new Phantom “NewPort20”, the evolution of the first ever version of an Articulated sprayer “Port20” designed by the company in the 1960s.


Drive 6/90

The NewPort20 is particularly suitable for the treatment of alternate rows of hilly vineyards with narrow passages because, thanks to the separate tank connected via a joint system, it allows great ease of maneuver without the use of homokinetic cardan shafts and / or hydraulic articulated drawbars.

Two significant features of the new NewPort20, and to be emphasized, are its steering radio of less than 6 meters, and the possibility of this sprayer to articulate up to 90 ° (drive 6/90).

The sprayer treats 4 vineyards walls simultaneously as the two lower diffusers treat the row in which the tractor passes, while the upper ones treat the rows alongside. This means a considerable time saving for producers because the steps in the vineyard are reduced exactly in half.


Advantages of the Phantom NewPort20:

– Martignani Low Volume: water savings up to 90%

– Sustainable use of agro-chemicals: product savings up to 40%

– Electrostatic charge: reduction in drift losses + ZERO residues on fruit and wine

– Faster working speed: 50% time saving

– Reduced power consumption thanks to the exclusive design of the New M series fans (tractors required starting from only 40 HP in plain): fuel savings of an extra 20%

– Integrated pump-fan system.

The NewPort20 has two available capacities: the 1000 Lt (assuring up to 10 hectares of vineyards with a single tank refill) recommended in the slope vineyards and the 1500 Lt (up to 15 hectares of vineyards with a single tank refill) recommended in the plains. It will be homologated for road traffic and has a simple and easy maintenance system.

Martignani has equipped this new Electrostatic Sprayer with a retractable / reclining rear flap for product loading and tank inspection, but it also works in terms of ergonomics as it helps in the work. For example, it can be used as a trolley for accessories / products, etc….


The last, but not least, feature of the new articulated Phantom NewPort20 from Martignani is that it adopts, like all the company’s sprayers, a pulverization system that guarantees unequalled uniformity in distribution and penetration regardless of atmospheric conditions and spray volume.

This revolutionary sprayer is the ideal solution for those who own crops in particularly difficult soils. Effective in treatments, fast and with great savings for the growers.


To see the nebulizer at work watch the video!!