Mr. Rey Rademeyer Junior of the Delarey Rademeyer Trust Farms in South Africa

Martignani Electrostatic Sprayer 3 800

Mr. Rey Rademeyer Junior of the Delarey Rademeyer Trust Farms in South Africa

Today we are meeting Mr. Rey Rademeyer Junior, who is the co-owner, together with his father, of the Delarey Rademeyer Trust Farms, Louterwater, and also the farm manager.

We are in South Africa in the Eastern Cape region, and precisely in the area known as Langkloof, a valley between the Kamanasie and Kouga mountains in the north, and the Outeniqua- Langkloof and Tsitsikamma mountains in the south. It is the second largest fruit production area in South Africa and apples and pears are the main agricultural products.

Mr. Rademeyer tells us that his farm is 140 ha in extent, of which 80 ha are planted with apples and the remaining with pears.

He was introduced to Martignani electrostatic machines by their spray technical adviser of 30 years, Mr. Billy Swiegelaar.

After careful analysis of their requirements and of the possible choice of machines, they decided to purchase, within 6 months, 3 x 1500 litre “Martignani” Electrostatic Sprayer B612 Turbo 2, one in December 2009, and one each in February and May 2010, which are now working full time.

Mr. Rademeyer has supplied us with the results of his careful reports on the efficiency of the machines and on the advantages achieved by using the “Martignani” Electrostatic mist blowing system in his farm vs. the conventional air blast sprayers, and the numbers speak for themselves:

Time/Labour saving: 15%

Water Saving (l/ha applied with the Martignani): 40% (Important remark: Vast areas of Langkloof valley are currently heavily affected by drought)

Chemicals saving: 15% (aiming to 35%)

Furthermore he kindly showed us the modification he had made to the spray heads lay-out and protection plates added to the machine for their orchards to avoid damages
to the heads (see pictures).

We thanked Mr. Rademeyer for his kindness and cooperation and for having shared with us the modification made to the machines, as we, at Martignani, appreciate very much the input
we receive from our clients concerning possible improvements.

For us it is of fundamental importance to constantly develop and improve our machines.

It is our mission to supply products that can help the farmer to achieve the best possible results according to the requirements of the person who has put his trust in Martignani
and our machines.

A few images of one of Rademeyer’s farm Electrostatic mist blower

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