The Modern Farming meets the Smart Technology. Martignani Phantom M120: the same Superb Performances even with a Smaller Sized Tractors.

The Modern Farming meets the Smart Technology. Martignani Phantom M120: the same Superb Performances even with a Smaller Sized Tractors.

De DoornsRecently, Martignani SRL flew overseas to visit its loyal customer Pieter Beukes, cost accounting manager of the Pieter Beukes Boerdery, a very big farm where he cultivates only Table Grape.

Geographically speaking, we were near De Doorns City, in the Western Cape Province of South Africa. The town, in the heart of the South African table grape industry, is situated in the stunningly beautiful Hex River Valley, which changes its magnificent scenery through the seasons, from green to gold. De Doorns is proudly hosting the wine cellar with the longest harvest season in the world and it is known to be the area that’s the biggest producer of Table Grape in South Africa.

Mr. Beukes, after having learned about our Electrostatic Sprayers surfing the net and consulting our Web Site, decided to get in touch with Martignani SRL’s Managing Director – Mr. Stefano Martignani – sending him an e-mail asking for some information about our Mist-Blowers and our tested Technology. In order to meet Mr.Beukes and accommodate his needs, Mr. Martignani and one of our engineers flew to South Africa to discuss how to obtain a performant machine, able to perfectly work with a smaller tractor.

The same performances of the existing sprayers run by powerful (over 60 HP) Kubota tractors but with smaller (only 23 HP) more fuel-efficient ones: this was the request!

So sooner said and done! We offered our newly designed Phantom M120 600 L pull-type electrostatic sprayer by simply adapting the fan pulley size to achieve the same airspeed from the blowers using lower tractor power.

Mr. Beukes decided to initially buy one unit of our Model Phantom M120 – 600 L, Pull-Type, with the Electrostatic System, to efficiently grow his 53 hectares of Vineyard, testing it during season 2014-2015.

The first things that struck him were its power, despite its reduced sizes – it fitted comfortably between the rows and could be easily maneuvered at the rows end – the perfect combination of even droplets size, wind speed and Electrostatic charge.
In addition, he achieved huge fuel savings thanks to the much lower absorbed power by the Phantom sprayer and the smaller size tractor.

The next season (2015-2016) he purchased a second unit.

The Phantom Series is especially recommended for wine grapes, table grapes, orchards, olive trees, field crops, protected crops inside tunnels or greenhouses and nursery crops.

These machines, confirmed Mr. Beukes, have been designed and realized to increase to the maximum the drift control in the treatment of vineyards and orchards and to literally forget any run-off.
Furthermore, highlighted Pieter, the Martignani Electrostatic Spray System ensures no chemical residues and no stains on grapes and this is a very important issue for the farmers of this area, studded with table grape vineyards.

Excellent performances, time, water and chemicals saving make Mr. Beukes really satisfied about our Sprayers and, he said, the “made to measure” is one of the reasons why he chose and has always appreciated Martignani SRL. It has been a really pleasant experience. We thank Mr. Beukes for his kind hospitality and his positive feedback about the Martignani Pneumatic Electrostatic Sprayers, which makes us very proud. We have always been interested in preserving the operator’s health and protecting the environment during treatments. These two aspects, in addition to the savings concerning costs and consumptions, have always made our customers very satisfied with our machines. Martignani can be defined an eco-friendly, money-saving and smart choice.