Martignani meets the end users – Conferences, tests and seminars in confirmation of a technology that fears no rival

Martignani meets the end users – Conferences, tests and seminars in confirmation of a technology that fears no rival

More than half a century of studies and design, research and development, innovations and recognitions, have led Martignani S.r.l. to be what it is today: a reference point for users in the agricultural sector, for those who do not want to give up high performance, precise and eco-sustainable working tools, able to guarantee, in addition to optimal results in the treatment phase, also considerable savings in terms of time, chemical products, water and man-work.

These are our strengths: innovation, quality, prompt responses to the needs of the individual customer.

We have always put ourselves out there, submitting our Mist Blowers to field tests and experimentations, so that the customer or prospect that is, the scholar, technician or anyone else… can always touch with their own hands the quality of our products that, as of today, fear no rival in the industry.

To this regard, not much time has passed since Stefano Martignani, supported by a sales-technician, took part to a series of seminars and tests, 4 to be more precise, organized in Greece by the firm Higas S.A. (, the official on-site Martignani retailer.

At the same time, during the 4 conferences held in 3 different and strategic areas of the Greek territory from an agricultural point of view, more precisely Orfani – Kavala, Yerakini, Larissa and Lamia, our Pull-type Mist Blower Whirlwind 600 and 1000 lt. were shown and analyzed and put at the disposal of some of our Greek clients.

The latter, at the presence of about 50 farmers per conference, they showed the advantages of using a Martignani Electrostatic and Pneumatic Mist Blower on diverse types of crops such as Vineyards, Olive Groves, Orchards and Walnut plantations, presenting to the attendees a series of unquestionable performances obtainable from these machines, both from the operative point of view, and from the containment of the management costs, bringing operational examples and actual savings obtained and obtainable, aspects with great importance, especially in Greece, a country touched by a profound economic crisis, which has obviously affected the agricultural world.

A technical agronomist, who works for Higas, also explained how the electrostatic system works, which was introduced, for the first time in Europe, by Martignani in 1981 (, gathering by margins many favorable opinions from the numerous participants at the events.

Although it is not always easy to convey our wealth of knowledge and awareness, our story, established in the course of 59 long years, we are sure to have succeeded in our intent to engage, interest, inform and train about the value of this vanguard technology, which characterizes Martignani and made it an Intelligent Solution for a Modern and Eco-sustainable Agriculture.

Customers all over the world confirm this, trusting and supporting us in this path of continuous and constant growth and for our part, we can only trust what they tell us, precisely because we are aware that their success is indeed ours, too.


Antonio Fimiani

Selene Menga