Martignani to Demoagro, Valencia

Martignani to Demoagro, Valencia

This year for the first time Martignani Srl will participate in a fair dedicated to special crops: Dermoagro Specialty. The Fair will be in Turis (Valencia – Spain) from tomorrow to Thursday. Three days dedicated to all type of citrus fruit, grapes fruit, stone fruits but mostly it’s dedicated to sustainability and to new technology in agriculture.

We of Martignani have given priority to factors such as the effectiveness and durability of new technology and to the quality of our producs always. We are also very proud to be able assert that the Martignani’s sprayer have the utmost respect for the enviroment, this means a reduction in the use of chemicals, safety of the workers and significant reduction losses by drift.

Turis: where is the fair?

Turis is a village about 4000 inhabitants, it’s 40km from Valencia with a mediterranean climate, with Farmer profile in the most poetic sense of the word and the economy is mainly agricultural (the 73.1% of the total surface is coltivared). In the drier part of the land prevail the vines (especially table grapes), olive trees, orchards and cereals, instead in the wetter part it’s grow orange, orchards, vegetable and other similar products. From this viewpoint Turis is the ideal place to welcome an event like Demoagro.

Martignani to Demoagro.

Martignani is a reference point in the electrostatic nebulization sector, in defence treatments of different crops, in the safety of the workers and in the saving of time water and chemicals, for many years all over the world.

We will be present in Demoagro Specialty with our nebulizer Martignani Whirlwind M 612 Turbo 2, it’s recommended for treatments on every type of specialized field: from wine trees, to fruit trees, citrus, hazelnuts trees, etc… Usually, it’s used in medium/large companies.

Some special features of the Turbo 2 are the presence of a centrifugal fan double ventilator dispenser up to 26.000 m/hour at 80 m/s of speed or superior and inferior double dispenser, it’s adjustable of 90°or 70° with a flixed column or hydraulic telescopic column with travel of 600mm, it’s perfect for orchards, citus, large olivegroves,…

In these days it will be possible to see our machines at “work” in Valencia. One of our experienced team will be happy to provide you all information you need. Probably this is a perfect excuse for a trip to Spain!