Martignani at Sitevi 2019

Sitevi 2019

Martignani at Sitevi 2019

Martignani at Sitevi

Sitevi 2019

The curtain opens in Montpellier.

To Sitevi, Martignani srl bring to the stage three of its most important machines for chemical treatment in winegrowing, olivegrowing and horticulture.


  • WHIRLWIND MULTIFLOW is indicated for the orchard treatment
  • IMPOLVERATRICE is used for the sulphur or other dust in wine and olive grows.
  • TREKKER is for extream winegrowing.


Montpellier is the first viticultural and winegrowing region of the France and one of the main center of fuit and vegetable production. Sitevi is the world reference exhibition of material, equipment and service in the wine sector, olive grow, fruits and vegetables production.

Martignani Company has always shown particular attention to environmrntal creating innovative machinery and at the same time extremely efficient. Is the fist Company to introduce the electrostatic charge to polarized microdrop.

In fact, the technology of Mertignani respond to environmental challenges and allows you to make quality treatments, in the absence of drift, high speed and with savings of chemical.

Martignani’s technology savings:

• up to 90% of water
• up to 70% of time and labor
• up to 30% of chemical
• over 40% of gasoline

To Sitevi 2019, Martignani put the spotlight on technology, an avant-garde technology regarding sustanibility and attention to the environment, quality and health of operators and consumers.

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