Field Demonstration – Azienda Agricola Casaretti di Rossi Giammaria July 2014

Field Demonstration – Azienda Agricola Casaretti di Rossi Giammaria July 2014

While thanking the many costumers and friends who honored us with their presence at the recent “Enovitis in Campo 2014” that has seen the assignment of an additional “New Technology” Award to our Brand New “Pneumatic Mist Blower Duo Wing Jet Hill” semimounted – single row / Bi-wall, with Electrostatic shielding + Air Cushion, we appreciate this occasion to invite those who are interested, to the field demonstration that will be held the evening of

Nebulizzatore Mono Wing Jet

Tuesday 1st of July from 7.00 p.m.
Azienda Agricola
Casaretti di Rossi Giammaria
LOC. Casaretti , 2/a
37011 Calmasino di BARDOLINO ( VR )
Sig. Rossi Gianmaria


This demonstration will have a very different significance from the one carried out during “Enovitis in Campo”, because by spraying a special micronized fluorescent product on the vineyard and subsequently check at dusk with an ultraviolet light, it will be possible to have a clear and irrefutable vision of: the quality of the micronization produced by our low and very low volume system, the quality of the leaves and grapes’ coverage, the absolute containment of drift and the null or almost null ground dispersion of product also thanks to our “Electrostatic Spray System” the absolute first product-recovery-system since 1981 which allows a reduction of real and general costs of treatments with water reduction up to 90%, time saving up to 60%, chemical product saving up to 40%, tractor diesel saving up to 30% and harvest of healthy and chemical-free product!

With the collaboration of

Antonio Fimiani

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