Earl La Jonchere – Sigloy (Orléans) – FRANCE

Earl La Jonchere – Sigloy (Orléans) – FRANCE

Earl La Jonchere – Sigloy (Orléans) – FRANCE

Sigloy is a French village of 623 inhabitants, located southwest of Paris on the left bank of the Loire, in the department of Loiret (45).
This is a fascinating area soaked in history, close to the city of Orléans in the well-known Loire Valley, famous for its castles and for Joan of Arc; it is also a major fruit production region. The area is renowned not only for its pear and apple orchards, but also its vineyards, from which excellent wines are produced.

We have come to meet Mr Philippe Cimetiere, the owner of a farmstead which extends over a total area of 17.5 hectares, including 6 hectares for apple trees, 5 hectares for pear trees, and 0.65 hectares for cherry trees.

He tells us that he is the satisfied owner of a “KWH” Whirlwind B612 TURBO 2 mist blower with a 1,500 L capacity, which he decided to buy it in March 2009, after having first had the opportunity to find out about it and to understand its benefits thanks to the company CHABAS SA (appointed “Martignani-KWH System” distributor for France) during the well-known SIVAL trade fair, which takes place annually in the town of Angers (also in the Loire Valley).

Mr Cimetiere briefly lists the main advantages of using the machine during this first year:

  • the volume applied per hectare was approximately 300/500 liters per hectare lower when compared to the traditional machines that he used previously, providing an overall saving of approximately 60,000 litres of water, as well as time savings due to the lower number of refills required.
  • chemical product savings of 30% per hectare, especially fungicides.

In terms of the Whirlwind B612 TURBO 2 mist blower, Mr Cimetiere tells us simply and kindly that he also appreciates:
– its extreme ease of use
– the long-term precision and reliability of its calibration/adjustments to the application volume per hectare, and thus the general use of the machine.

He expressed a few “constructive” criticisms about the intake filter, which he found difficult to unscrew, and the tank level indicator, in which there is no graduation for the first 300 litres.

We politely pointed out to him that the tank is large because it has a capacity of 1,500 litres, and it would therefore be difficult to have an extremely detailed, precise graduation for the first 300 litres; however, the problem was solved thanks to the addition – UPON REQUEST by the customer – of the optional “graduated level separator kit”, which is mounted on the front of the machine and thus provides excellent visibility from the operating position.


To know more:

138 Route D’Ouvrouer
45110 Sigloy (Orléans) – FRANCE
Tel. +3302.
E-mail: philippe.cimetiere@wanadoo.fr