Duo Wing Jet, the green sprayer by Martignani

Duo Wing Jet, the green sprayer by Martignani

From Mondo Macchina by Giovanni Losavio

The pneumatic electrostatic B-612 Duo Wing Jet is the answer Martignani has come up with for the increasingly widespread requirement to curb the dispersal of chemical products into the atmosphere during plant treatment spraying.

The innovative sprayer designed by the Ravenna manufacturer, even more efficient than the tunnel models, is capable of recovering the fungicide/insecticide treatment product without recycling the mix. The Duo Wing Jet powerful anti-drift and anti-residue effect is performed by combining the electrostatic fields formed between the plants and the chemical mist sprayed with a special electrostatic charge (droplets saturated with the active principle attracted by the vegetation) for reducing drift and the work of two special air cushion screens.

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