Dr. Massimo Randi of the Randi Farms S.S.

Vigna Randi

Dr. Massimo Randi of the Randi Farms S.S.

Interview with Dr. Massimo Randi of The Randi Farms SS (Fusignano, Province of Ravenna – Emilia-Romagna / Italy)

The Randi Farms is situated in the municipality of Fusignano (Ravenna) and is managed by Dr. Massimo Randi with the collaboration of his brother Denis and father Luigi.

The location of the farm is decidedly viticultural, being about 25 hectares of vineyards, although other cultivations such as peach trees, wheat and beetroot in smaller quantities are not left out.

The technical approach of “Martignani” Electrostatic-Mist Blowers was integrated some time ago following a professional conference between Dr. Randi and Dr. Bellettini, the latter presently being an agricultural technician (Agronomist) and manager of the Martignani srl Italian counting house.

The contact was concretized in the spring of 2005 with the purchase of the Mod. Whirlwind B-612 TURBO 2 Pneumatic Mist Bower with Electrostatic charged droplets.

At first, the insecticide treatments were carried out by Luigi. It was then Dr. Massimo who dealt with the phytosanitary management of the family vineyards, personally carrying out the defense operations on board a tractor…

We have now come to the fourth season using the Martignani Mist Blower and Dr. Massimo tells us about the convenience of having invested in this equipment and how we have reached the optimization of the productive processes.

At the speed of 8,3 Km/h with a volume/ha of 200 liters, 7,5 ha are treated in the morning and7,5 ha in the afternoon while the remaining hectares are completed the following day.

Previously, with a conventional atomizer (or Air Blast Sprayer) distributing 600 liters/ha, several refueling and a total of 4-5 days of time were required.

Only some treatments, such as those against moth infestations of the grape-vines, are carried out at a higher volume (400 l/ha), while the remaining, and larger part, of the field, is treated at 200 l/ha.

In these 4 seasons, the Randi family has certainly optimized the technical management of the vineyard in the best possible way, saving tons of water, hours of manpower and above all 20% of chemical product (or active ingredient) used for both contact and systemic chemicals, in every treatment.

Above all, they have reduced the phytosanitary defense operations to only 2 days, enabling them to concentrate and aim the remaining hours of manpower at other activity within the company.

Finally, it gives us great pleasure to report that, for some years, the Randi company has been part of the Bagnacavallo consortium which is the producer and distributor of the well known “Burson” (http://www.vinography.com/archives/2004/07/2000_burson_rosso_ravenna_cons.html ) wine obtained from “Longanesi” grapes.

For further information on the Randi company, visit www.randivini.it and/or send an email to info@randivini.it

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