Conversing with Enrico and Lorenzo Fanticini of azienda agricola “Il Tralcio”

Azienda Agricola "Il Tralcio" di Fanticini

Conversing with Enrico and Lorenzo Fanticini of azienda agricola “Il Tralcio”

Azienda Agricola "Il Tralcio" di FanticiniToday we offer you what Mr. Enrico and Mr. Lorenzo Fanticini tell us. They are the owners of the Azienda Agricola “Il Tralcio” located in Villa Sabbione (Reggio Emilia), Via Anna Frank 59.

Mr. Lorenzo tells us that the farmland spreads over 23.40 hectares, of which 19.5 cultivated as vineyard; they have not dedicated any land to other kinds of crops (only a little bit of fruit for family consumption and some permanent pastures), they own only one Martignani Electrostatic Spray System machine and treat with a 2009 Fendt 209V (94cv) tractor.

Lorenzo Fanticini “confesses” that he has come to know the quality of the Martignani Electrostatic Spray System machine… on his skin: that being the last purchase of his Father when he still did not treat the crops and that from then on has been a constant discovery. Even the tests he experienced them on his skin, listening, stubbornly and in an insanely persistent manner, only to himself.

Let us move on to more technical aspects, and here we quote word-for-word “I adapt the volume per hectare according to what I want to do… that is the first year I treated 13,5 ha with 1500 liters, overall. Since the surface to be treated grew I started to use a higher volume. When I have 19 hectares, I will treat with about 150 liters/ha (i.e. 2 1500 liters tanks…).

I use the antibiotic treatment only on the Spergola and Cabernet Sauvignon varieties (4,2 ha overall), I treat at roughly 350 lt./ha and it works very well. Seeing the Martignani Electrostatic Spray System machine work with those volumes is quite scary. The first year I tried the ultra-low-volume even with the antibiotic, but the results were bad (I have to admit…).

I have never treated against the vine moth: never seen it, to tell the truth! 🙂

Right now, to treat at the gross of:

– Tares

– Mixture preparation

– What each of us does 5-6 times a day

– Coffee break

– Machine and tractor wash at the end of the day

It takes about 8-9 hours in total. There are about 6 hours of “actual” treatment there (the metering valves, in fact, add up to 500lt/h). Basically, a day’s work for one person.”

Azienda Agricola "Il Tralcio" di FanticiniFinally, we discuss of the benefits and reporting word for word “for saving water, even though I do not pay for it since I have wells, it fully answers to the needs of energy saving and environmental awareness that a company has to have nowadays.
Product savings with ever environmental and, above all, economic benefits.
Time: just imagine comparing with a 1000 lt./ha atomizer, with every mixture etc. etc. etc.… as if you can do it in a day!!!!
Benefits to the ground because there is no ground percolation of the product. Benefits in treating with moderate or extremely low winds because the Martignani Electrostatic Spray System machine counteracts them excellently.
Benefits of repairs, since this is the 6th year I will use it and it never broke except for small things because of my mistakes. Anyway, breaking a pump that works at 1,5 atm of pressure is nearly impossible.
Benefits with ground distribution of liquid fertilizers: with an alteration that took more or less 20 minutes I converted it into a fertilizer spreader for the root zone!”.

We thank Messrs. Fanticini for their time and to tell the truth let us report the last assertion without adding nor taking anything, also because it is rather another story.
“The only flaw of the Mist Blower Martignani Electrostatic Spray System, if you really want to find one, is the amount of power consumption, but if we compare it to the performance it is anything but a defect, but as we said before it is another story…”

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