“Conscious and Ecologic” Pest Control: Martignani Phantom Super Ecology line, optimal performance, environmental and operators’ health protection

“Conscious and Ecologic” Pest Control: Martignani Phantom Super Ecology line, optimal performance, environmental and operators’ health protection

Today, we are in Castelnuovo Rangone, a municipality of about 15,000 inhabitants just over 13 km from Modena, which boasts the membership, together with other municipalities of the province, to the Unione Terre di Castello and is part of the “Strada dei vini e dei sapori – Città dei Castelli e Ciliegi” Network.Castelnuovo Rangone

A verdant Padan Plain welcomes us, but above all Mr. Maffei, owner of Romano S.rl., a small family business that specializes in deratization and pest control in urban, public and private zones.

There seems to be a sharp increase of requests for intervention in these sectors and – Romano tells us – it has become truly necessary to use effective, high precision instruments that protect the environment and the operator’s health.

Carrying on the conversation we learn that since 1980, year of the founding of the business, there have been many evolutions both in terms of technological innovations that have paved the way towards a more “conscious” and ecologic pest control, and the need to operate swiftly, accurately and “economically”.

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The meeting with our Eng. Claudio Martignani at a trade fair was decisive for the fortune of Maffei Romano S.r.l.: it was in that occasion that Mr. Maffei had the chance to know and appreciate the exclusive technology of the Martignani Mist Blower, so much that he proceeded to purchase the first machine in the early eighties.

Romano Maffei SRLFrom the beginning the advantages of using a pneumatic and micronizing mist blower were evident, mostly by comparing it with a competition atomizer: greater savings in terms of time, significantly higher saving of chemical product and, finally, Romano confesses he saw a greater and more precise reach (this last factor is very important as it allows to direct the treatment), as well as a very homogeneous and constant over time micronization with no wear and no need of nozzles and plaquettes’ maintenance.

To this day, Romano Maffei S.r.l. uses 3 Martignani Mist Blowers, among which we cite a 16 CV Compact Super Ecology with a capacity of 300 lt., for small vehicles and exterminators that do not want to give up Top Technology and Quality, 11\ and the last acquisition: the powerful 37 CV Luxor Super Ecology with a capacity of 400 lt.

The team seems complete: father and son at work and vanguard tools to guarantee precise and targeted treatments still and always aimed at the protection and safeguarding of the environment.Romano Maffei SRL

We say our goodbyes with a “See you soon” and thank Mr. Romano for his kindness and helpfulness towards us.

For our part, we can say that it has been a pleasure to talk with someone who appreciates our products, putting their trust and work in Martignani’s technology, succeeding in always obtaining excellent results.

The satisfaction of the customer remains one of our greatest achievement.

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