Ranieri Filo della Torre International Prize

Ranieri Filo della Torre International Prize

On Thursday, February 2nd, 2017 at 10.30 at the headquarters of Confagricoltura – Palazzo della Valle in Rome, will be held the ceremony for the awarding of the prizes to the finalists of the competition dedicated to Ranieri Filo della Torre, an initiative that has the dual purpose of enhancing the world of olive growing in artistic terms,  celebrating a significant figure in Italian agriculture, but  above all to offer a moment of reflection, poetry, creativity, evasion from the daily hardships and difficulties typical of the productive sector and the equally daily concerns in the field of product placement in the market. An opportunity for artistic creation and self-expression that, although it may seem very distant from the actual production of extra virgin olive oil, is an integral part of it. In anything in which there is passion, devotion, dedication… there is, in some way, art.

Ranieri Filo della Torre, who died prematurely, was an expression of Confagricoltura, and General Director of the Consorzio Olivinicolo Italiano, a commitment that led him to live always in contact with the passion and competence, difficulties and hopes of many producers.
He represented the leitmotif between the reality of the earth and oil Mills and the more attractive culture of the extra virgin olive oil, He knew how to conjugate productive concreteness and abstraction, intellectual speculation.
This is why the women of the Association Pandolea, promoters of the initiative, dedicated this prize to him, as a testimony of how much can dialogue, experience and trade coexist with productive commitment.

Pandolea was created on March 27th of 2003 and today brings together the strengths and the ideals of women entrepreneurs of small and medium-sized enterprises as productors of high-quality extra virgin olive oil and women professionally involved in the olive cultivation and industry sectors such as agronomists, researchers and journalists.      LOGO PANDOLEA
They are women who wanted to get involved in a world, that of olive oil, dominated perhaps even more than that of wine, by a marked masculine imprint also tied to ancient rural traditions, hoping that passion will prevail over fatigue, that constancy and healthy ambition will bring products ever better and that the typical sensitivity of the fairer sex will be a strong point for the protection of the environment, respect for the landscape and a sustainable production.

And Martignani, which has always strived to improve the conditions and refine the agricultural treatment’s techniques, through the design of highly eco-friendly machines, can only express its approval and spread the information through its communication channels to actively cooperate in the success of this initiative and to support these women who, not-for-profit, have embraced the cause of oil in Italy by providing their knowledge, commitment and work for the diffusion of olive culture on the national territory, especially among younger people who, as we all know, have the future in their hands.

For more information: Associazione Pandolea