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Pull-type Whirlwind M819 Master ( truck mounted version) Sprayer

Our Community


Martignani Community gathers all customers, partners and everyone who is interested in sharing knowledge and best practices about everything gravitating in and around Martignani “smart solutions” and electrostatic mist-blowers.


Our aim is to let the users gain the best out of their mist-blowers in terms of environmental preservation, protection of the health of agricultural workers and of agricultural food products consumers, and – last, but not least – let the farmers gain the fair profit out of the savings resulting from the earning accomplished over time by optimal usage.


The information are updated with no determined frequency, and follow the natural order of events: as soon as a piece of information is posted and/or received by us, we will provide it to the community.


This website is the headquarter of the community; all the information, however, are still posted also in Martignani social media, in order to allow the widest diffusion as possible


We believe that sharing ideas and experiences could let the members of our community get the best possible results from the use of electrostatic mist-blowers.

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