The Papaya project by Terrasol in Ecuador

Mist Blower Martignani - Treatments on Papaya

Mist Blower Martignani – Treatments on Papaya

We are at the Terrasol farms ( located in the city of Santo Domingo in Ecuador (South America), guests of Mr. Rodrigo Espinosa, who, as well as being Terrasol’s agronomic engineer, is also responsible for their “Papaya project”.

Mr. Espinosa informs us that the total surface area planted with the “Solo Sunrise” variety of the papaya fruit amounts to 260 hectares.

Initially, two Martignani Whirlwind B612 600 l Turbo 2, trailer-mounted, electrostatic sprayers were used. These were purchased between 2002 and 2004 (the second one) following the advice of the “Martignani”  representative (UNIDECO SA – A further two sprayers were purchased in December of 2010, making a total of 4 units today.

Figures to hand, Mr. Espinosa explains the main advantages obtained since using the machines fitted with the “Martignani KWH” system, pointing out the considerable savings in operating times, labour, water consumption (low volume)  and chemicals.

Martignani Mist Blower - Treatments on Papaya

Martignani Mist Blower – Treatments on Papaya

To give an example of such savings, each machine is capable, on average, of covering 7 hectares of cultivation per day using 6 fewer workers than it was before.

Mr. Espinosa finds it interesting to reflect on that which he considers to be the most important benefit of using Martignani sprayers in the company. He tells us that over the last 5 years the machines have been used every day of the week, and thanks to minimal, yet accurate and well-timed maintenance, they have managed to operate them for a good 8000 hours.

Martignani Mist Blower - Treatments on Papaya

Martignani Mist Blower – Treatments on Papaya

Since the cultivation of the Papaya fruit is affected by changes in its size  (height) over a short period of time, the versatility of the “Martignani” machines has allowed the company to intervene during the growth of the plant itself by using simple and reliable adjustments. This has allowed a more uniform coverage of the product to be obtained as the rows of fruit are sprayed in a linear fashion without dripping onto the ground and with reduced air drift, resulting in a more  presentable and healthier fruit.

Both satisfied with the Martignani electrostatic sprayers, ourselves as the manufacturer and Terrasol as the user, we end our enjoyable conversation without ceremony but with the desire to do more to improve production while eliminating waste where possible, and at the same time, safeguarding the health of those engaged in the production and the consumption of the product once released onto the market.

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