The Whirlwind B 819 in Malaysia

The Whirlwind B 819 in Malaysia – Jaunuary 2011 The Whirlwind B 819 has been designed to operate, in the “GUN” version, at wide range on extensive plantations of tropical crops like Bananas, Pineapple,   The Whirlwind B 819 makes possible to treat efficiently at Low volume up to 50/60 m. (164/200.00′ at each pass)

Sprayers save time and money.

Robinvale table grape producers found significant water and chemical savings when spraying with a Martignani low volume tower sprayer. Farmers at Albys Farms and Koala Grape Producers trialled the Martignani low volume electrostatic B612 Whirlwind 1000 litre tower sprayer alongside their existing nebuliser sprayers for three months. With their existing sprayers, they sprayed each sizing […]

Earl Lebreton DJP La Longraie 72260 Rene – FRANCE

How and where cider was produced (and thus consumed) for the first time remains a mystery; it nonetheless has very ancient origins, as the Bible mentions the Jewish custom of mixing honey with cider, which dates back to 2800 BC. …Back to today – a summary of the information on Wikipedia tells us: “Cider is […]

Earl La Jonchere – Sigloy (Orléans) – FRANCE

Sigloy is a French village of 623 inhabitants, located southwest of Paris on the left bank of the Loire, in the department of Loiret (45). This is a fascinating area soaked in history, close to the city of Orléans in the well-known Loire Valley, famous for its castles and for Joan of Arc; it is […]

Electrostatic Mist Blower demo on citrus crops with dye product.

The Electrostatic Whirlwind B612 Turbo 2  mist blower apply dye product at Low Volume (500 l/ha) on citrus crops showing impressive penetration and even coverage with no run-off

The VALGIANO estate – Lucca – Tuscany – Italy

Today we engage in a pleasant conversation with Dr. Saverio Petrilli of the Valgiano estate who tells us we find ourselves on land composed of Alberese limestone rock originating from the sliding of rocky masses provocated by the rise of the Apennine chain. Up stream , the woods extend up to 900m above sea level […]