The Papaya project by Terrasol in Ecuador

We are at the Terrasol farms ( located in the city of Santo Domingo in Ecuador (South America), guests of Mr. Rodrigo Espinosa, who, as well as being Terrasol’s agronomic engineer, is also responsible for their “Papaya project”. Mr. Espinosa informs us that the total surface area planted with the “Solo Sunrise” variety of the […]

Earl Lebreton DJP La Longraie 72260 Rene – FRANCE

How and where cider was produced (and thus consumed) for the first time remains a mystery; it nonetheless has very ancient origins, as the Bible mentions the Jewish custom of mixing honey with cider, which dates back to 2800 BC. …Back to today – a summary of the information on Wikipedia tells us: “Cider is […]

Earl La Jonchere – Sigloy (Orléans) – FRANCE

Sigloy is a French village of 623 inhabitants, located southwest of Paris on the left bank of the Loire, in the department of Loiret (45). This is a fascinating area soaked in history, close to the city of Orléans in the well-known Loire Valley, famous for its castles and for Joan of Arc; it is […]

Mr. Rey Rademeyer Junior of the Delarey Rademeyer Trust Farms in South Africa

Today we are meeting Mr. Rey Rademeyer Junior, who is the co-owner, together with his father, of the Delarey Rademeyer Trust Farms, Louterwater, and also the farm manager. We are in South Africa in the Eastern Cape region, and precisely in the area known as Langkloof, a valley between the Kamanasie and Kouga mountains in […]

Electrostatic Mist Blower demo on citrus crops with dye product.

The Electrostatic Whirlwind B612 Turbo 2  mist blower apply dye product at Low Volume (500 l/ha) on citrus crops showing impressive penetration and even coverage with no run-off

Efficiency Comparison Table

Comparative analysis conducted in a citrus fruit farm (Oranges of the NULES variety) in the region of  Tarragona (Spain) by means of a complete cycle of treatments during season/year  2003. You can download the .pdf file clicking on the link: Efficiency Comparison Table Planting distance: 3×5 m – Average ground speed during the treatments: 3.5 […]