Ceratitis Capitata: Monitoring the Mediterranean Fruit Fly in Bolivia

Bogotá, December 2012. As part of the “Mediterranean Fruit Fly National Plan (PNMF) developed by the ICA, the Institute, with Resolution 5337 of 2012, announced that thirteen municipalities of Antioquia have been declared areas of low prevalence of Mediterranean fruit fly, or medfly for short (Ceratitis capitata). One of the goals that characterizes the “Mediterranean […]

Zichron Yaakov in Israel with Shachar & Adi Karniel Also Partners in Dofad Farm in Wadi el Netroun City – Egypt

Today, we are in the town of Zichron Ya’akov in Israel, with Israeli farmers Shachar and Adi Karniel, who are also Partners in Dofad Farm, a large farm located in Wadi el Netroun City in Egypt. In many ways, the town of Zichron Ya’akov is characterized by the same historical development as many other Israeli […]