Mr. Rey Rademeyer Junior of the Delarey Rademeyer Trust Farms in South Africa

Today we are meeting Mr. Rey Rademeyer Junior, who is the co-owner, together with his father, of the Delarey Rademeyer Trust Farms, Louterwater, and also the farm manager. We are in South Africa in the Eastern Cape region, and precisely in the area known as Langkloof, a valley between the Kamanasie and Kouga mountains in […]

Electrostatic Mist-Blowing

E.D.F. – France Erectricity Dep. Energy Conveyance Service and Telecommunications, Supply Centre of the Conveyance Network – Travaux du Mans 128, Avenue Felix Geneslay, 72100 Le Mans – FRANCE Tel. E.D.F. R.C. Paris B 552 081 317 ============================================= Person in charge: Mr MAIRESSE To the BRICAUD ESTATE Techno agricultural 570, Rue du Maréchal Foch […]