Ceratitis Capitata: Monitoring the Mediterranean Fruit Fly in Bolivia

Bogotá, December 2012. As part of the “Mediterranean Fruit Fly National Plan (PNMF) developed by the ICA, the Institute, with Resolution 5337 of 2012, announced that thirteen municipalities of Antioquia have been declared areas of low prevalence of Mediterranean fruit fly, or medfly for short (Ceratitis capitata). One of the goals that characterizes the “Mediterranean […]

Earl La Jonchere – Sigloy (Orléans) – FRANCE

Sigloy is a French village of 623 inhabitants, located southwest of Paris on the left bank of the Loire, in the department of Loiret (45). This is a fascinating area soaked in history, close to the city of Orléans in the well-known Loire Valley, famous for its castles and for Joan of Arc; it is […]