Sprayers save time and money.

Robinvale table grape producers found significant water and chemical savings when spraying with a Martignani low volume tower sprayer.

Farmers at Albys Farms and Koala Grape Producers trialled the Martignani low volume electrostatic B612 Whirlwind 1000 litre tower sprayer alongside their existing nebuliser sprayers for three months.

With their existing sprayers, they sprayed each sizing of grapes with Gibberelic Acid at 1000 litres of water/acre, at three times 20 ppm on their Thompson seedless grapes.

Albys Farm tested the Martignani sprayer at 250 litre of water at three times 50 ppm/acre and 500 litre of water at three times 50 ppm/acre.

At 250 litre/acre, there was a 7.5 per cent water saving, a 58,4 per cent chemical saving and a grape sizing of 16-19 uniform and saleable fruit…

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From: Country News “Around the Paddocks”, Monday Sep 10, 2012 – Your guide to new and used machinery – Shepparton News Australia


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