Martignani Whirlwind B612 in Morocco

On July 6th, 2011 we’ve demonstrated the farmer’s owned Whirlwind B612 1500 l Turbo 2 Electrostatic Mist Blower in a large (300 hectares surface) citrus farm belonging to Mr. Addahri Abderrahmane – Domaine Wara located in Taroudant-Agadir (Morocco).
A fluorescent dye pigment was sprayed at just 500 l/ha with the Martignani at a speed of 3,5 km/hour on a thick Tangerine citrus variety.

The next day, the same demo, was carried out at Del Sol Refrigerating, a table grapes farm located in Marrakech (Morocco), by using their Whirlwind B612 1000 l 90+90 Electrostatic Mist Blower.

The demo on grapes was done with just 100 and also 200 l/ha in order to compare both coverage which didn’t much defer.


After sunset, with a powerful UV torch, the impressive and even leaves coverage achieved with the Martignani Electrostatic was shown to both customers.