Martignani sprayer delivers

From the Australia’s magazine “Weekly Times Now” by Dana McCauley

Martignani sprayer delivers

GRAPE growers say Martignani’s 1000-litre, low-volume Electrostatic B612 Whirlwind sprayer combines the best of both worlds.

Robert Albanese, of Alby’s Farms, trialled the sprayer over three months, using it to treat Thomson Seedless table grapes at his family’s Robinvale vineyard with size-boosting giberallic acid.

Using the sprayer on a variety of settings, he discovered he could slash his water and chemical use without significantly reducing the size of the fruit.

“It works on a different system, using smaller droplets and getting better penetration into the canopy of the vines,” Robert said.

Spraying at the rate of 250 litres of water an acre, at 3 x 50ppm, Robert achieved a 75 per cent reduction in water use and a 58 per cent reduction in chemical use.

This meant saving on the cost of the product, as well as cleaner-looking fruit.

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