The Martignani Electrostatic Sprayers in the Fight Against the Mosquito “Aedes Aegypti” Dengue Vector

The excellence of the “Super Ecology” Martignani electrostatic sprayers confirmed in a recent high-level trial in the fight against mosquito “aedes aegypti” Dengue vector, by “Ultra-Low Volume” applications.

electrostatic sprayers in the fight against the mosquito “aedes aegypti” Dengue vector

Recent report states that the world’s fastest growing vector-borne disease is DENGUE; this is spread by the vector mosquito species AEDES AEGYPTI, the primary vector in many countries. The year’s World Health Day 7 April 2014themed as “SMALL BITE, BIG THREAT” is a timely reminder that vector-borne diseases affect billions of people globally, including millions in al 37 countries and areas in the Region of the Western Pacific, as has been stated by Dr. Shin Young-Soo, WHO (World Health Organisation) Regional Director.

In this light, in Malaysia in 2014 on the initiative of public Institute for Medical Research (IMR) in collaboration with a well known multinational chemical company, 6 Institutes specialized in various disciplines of expertise and 18 medical scientific experts, a very high testing level has been carried out in order to seek the results achieved today in the fight against DENGUE by ULTRA-LOW VOLUME application of a product made available by the above-mentioned company, with three different machines on the market of that country, an Italian one: the “Compact” 16 HP Electrostatic MARTIGNANI Mist Blower; a German one: a thermal fogger and a Korean one: a Pulse Fog.

In particular, has been researched how effective is adulticide and larvicidal obtained from different product-machine combination.

The technical report of 24 pages (in English) resulted from the trial which took place from February 5th to May 22th, 2014 on a residential area of 7 hectares, have emerged in summary the following results:


( After a 48 h treatement)



MARTIGNANI 88% 87% 83% 93% 87,75
AEROSOL 81% 89% 16% 60% 61,50%
FOG 40% 7% 48% 20% 28,75%

At the conclusion of all, the multinational chemical through its “Regulatory and Developement Manager Asia Pac” sent expressions of gratitude to the Malaysian distributor of Martignani as follows: «Our Company wishes to thank you for the equipment support on the occasion of the recent study conducted by the Institute for Medical Research (IMR), Malaysia – The efficiency of your MARTIGNANI PTO unit (Models Compact 16 Hp and Trekker 16 Hp) ‘s use of our products is excellent – Our product has shown an excellent efficacy larvicide and adulticide with the equipment provided by you – Your prompt technical support and equipment has helped us to complete this project successfully.
Thanks again to you and your team for the excellent support»

electrostatic sprayers in the fight against the mosquito “aedes aegypti” Dengue vector


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