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How and where cider was produced (and thus consumed) for the first time remains a mystery; it nonetheless has very ancient origins, as the Bible mentions the Jewish custom of mixing honey with cider, which dates back to 2800 BC.

…Back to today – a summary of the information on Wikipedia tells us:
“Cider is an alcoholic beverage obtained by the alcoholic fermentation of the fruits of any of the plants in the Rosaceae family, and the Pomoideae subfamily in particular, which includes apples, pears and quinces; its manufacture originates in the Middle Ages. More than 95% of global cider production is made with apples, but for connoisseurs, the cider with the best bouquet seems to be made from quinces, and is very rare. In France, the fermentation of pears produces a cider-like beverage called perry.

This drink is very popular in France, Spain, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, Finland and Switzerland and production is particularly concentrated in Normandy and in Asturias. In contrast, its origins in Italy are difficult to determine …”
This is a useful means to introduce the pleasant conversation which we had with Mr Jean-Pierre Lebreton, the owner of a farmstead which covers a total area of 126 hectares, including almost 9 hectares of apple trees dedicated to cider production, which are the focus of our article below.

We are in the town of Rene, north of Mans, in north-central France. We are in a region called the “Pays de La Loire” in the department of “Sarthe” (NR 72).

Mr Lebreton owns a 1500-liter-capacity Whirlwind B612 Turbo 2 mist sprayer, to which he was first introduced and explained the benefits by the company CHABAS SA (appointed “Martignani-KWH System” distributor for France) during a demonstration event called the “Sées 61 Technical Day,” as the result of which, he bought a unit at the end of 2009.

The Whirlwind B612 Turbo 2 mist sprayer has since demonstrated its quality is on site and, according to Mr Lebreton, has enabled him to save 30 minutes in the treatment of 5.5 hectares of apple trees in comparison to the machine that he used previously.

He has also saved almost 780 liters of water per hectare and, with these results in mind, Mr Lebreton has decided to set himself a goal of achieving a mixture volume per hectare (mixture = water + chemical) of more or less 180 liters per hectare.

He has achieved a saving of 10% per hectare in chemicals during this first season (2010), and he has set himself another goal – specifically, he wants to progressively reduce the quantity per hectare, and thus achieve a 15% saving during his second season (2011), and a 20% saving in his third season (2012).

Mr Lebreton has also been impressed by the extreme ease of use, as well as the long-term precision and reliability of the calibration/volume per hectare adjustment and thus the general usage of the machine – facts that he has noticed for himself.

Finally, he praised the thoroughness of the local CHABAS technical sales team, who supplied the machine as well as professional assistance.

Not bad at all!

These are ambitious goals, but, knowing the Whirlwind B612 Turbo 2 mist sprayer, we have no doubts whatsoever that Mr Lebreton and his workers will successfully achieve these aims.

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